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Indoor Tennis Courts

Indoor Tennis Courts Lighting: The Life and Slow Death of Metal Halide- September 2014
By Jonathan Bailin, Ph.D., USPTA Tennis Coaching & Sport Science
For over 50 years, most tennis courts around the world have been lighted with Metal Halide (MH) fixtures, yet few who use them understand their unique qualities. They may seem to last endlessly, but that’s far from the truth. More importantly, the long reign of MH may be coming to an end in favor of new, more efficient, “green” technology. Read the entire article

 Indoor Tennis Courts with metal halide fixtures

main room-6 courts

 Indoor Tennis Courts with LED fixtures

tennis courts photo
 “They all wanted to play on the courts with the new lighting,” said KButler. “It really is a remarkable improvement in terms of lighting quality.”

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Indoor Tennis Court Lighting-Belle Haven Country Club, VA

 Belle Haven Country Club Indoor Tennis Court Lighting
Belle Haven Indoor Tennis 2


Indoor Tennis Court Lighting – Ferris State University, MI

 Indoor Tennis Courts Lighting Case Studies

Indoor Tennis Court Lighting Standards and recommended illumination for indoor tennis facilities.

Typical Facility Classifications

Class I Class II Class III Class IV
Professional College (2) College (4) High School (6) 
International Tennis Clubs (6)  High School (6)  Tennis Clubs (6) 
Satellite. Residential (6)  Tennis Clubs (6)  Parks & Recreation (6) 
Challenger Parks & Recreation (6)   Residential (6) College (5) 
College   Parks & Recreation (6)   


1. Class I facilities generally involve broadcast quality television production.
These facilities will include permanent spectator accommodations.
2. Facilities that host intercollegiate play, but without broadcast television requirements.
These facilities may have permanent or temporary seating.
3. Professional tennis events without broadcast television requirements.
4. Collegiate facilities primarily used for practice or for intramural or recreational play.
5. Collegiate facilities used strictly for recreational play.
6. Please note that some facility types appear in multiple categories. Illumination levels
for a specific facility should be chosen based on the highest skill level, or spectator and
television requirements that will take place at the facility. It is recognized that older
players require higher light levels. Facilities with older average player ages should be
designed for higher levels of light.

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