Greetings and thank you for visiting our website, much appreciated. Since I first started back in 1994 with retrofitting old T12 HO’s with T8′s and reflectors, there have been so many changes, with this website being one of the major changes in how we communicate with one another. However, one thing remains the same. Whether you are in the United States, Panama, South Africa, London, Paris, Rome or anywhere in the world, I am committed to giving you the highest quality of service with the utmost integrity and follow through.

If you have any questions regarding the content in this website, about the products that are mentioned, or just a question, don’t hesitate to contact me at the following address. I’d also love to hear any feedback on the site if you’ve found it helpful or have some ideas about how I can improve the site in some way.

Please contact me at [email protected]

I will reply to all messages as soon as possible.

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